Sustainable Growth In Low Carbon World

World is facing a resource cum growth crunch in 2009 and gloom seems to be spreading in 2010 also. Global leaders and leaders of the industries are closely discussing the various strategies to meet the phenomenal challenges. A recovery strategy based on high carbon energy resources is short sighted efforts which needs a re look.
Seriously, there is a need of high growth and 21st century will be a low carbon economy. The scale of new green jobs , technologies, practices, services and products required to shift to a low carbon economy. As per an estimate by United
Nation Environment Program (UNEP) in 2008, the global green deal will set the stage
For a low carbon economy and resource efficiency economy. Around 20 million
green jobs can be created in renewable sectors alone by the year 2030, twice that would
be achieved with a fossil fuel based economy.
Analyst across the globe feel that building a low carbon
Global economy will require a significant , long term financial flows in to all the developing nations. There will be multiple aim of reducing global warming, increasing
Green employment, reducing poverty , allocating the resources properly which will ultimately lead to a higher sustainable growth.
Practically, there must be removal; of all the obstacles
to free flow of low carbon money, clean technologies and state consent is desirable. Governments across the global have onerous responsibilities to come out with green recovery packages. Tariff, subsidy and stimulus incentives are desirable drivers to growth
It will accelerate the business processes to provide with green employment opportunities.
Many business forums are working towards specific policy mechanisms that might provide cost effective and environmentally pragmatic climate framework.
In fact businesses and governments of world have to
Find a positive answers to a variety of key questions :
(a) What will be market mechanism to price carbon free products?
(b) How can energy efficiency measures can be globally scaled up?
(c) How the business houses and Governments can create green jobs?
(d) How low carbon products will be popularized, vetted and approved for use by consumers across globe?
(e) How to reduce energy consumption pattern in urban societies?
(f) What are the various policy decisions to promote tax benefits to the industries?
(g) How investment flow can be attracted towards Renewable for a longer period?
(h) How the issues of energy securities will be managed?
(i) How the stimulus package or a green package will be designed?
(j) How the specific projects and ideas will create jobs in the short run
And catalyze long term growth in low carbon economy?

These are long term challenges which if taken correctly in the first decade of 21st century
Will create a more balanced world in terms of better climate, sustainable economy reduced disparity , more jobs and better governance. Low carbon economy will give a win win situation to the world.

International Carbon Credit conference
Venue: New Delhi
Date: 11 & 12 December 2009
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.