1) Plant a tree which absorbs Carbon di oxide and give oxygen. One tree will absorb
2) Around one ton of Carbon di oxide in its life time.
3) Practice the motto of “ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” in daily lives.
4) Reduced the practice of mass consumption of things by changing lifestyles.
5) Reduce waste by using re-usable products specially items like disposable cups.
6) Buy fresh products with minimum packaging.
7) Repair broken items instead of throwing them.
8) Refuse to accept plastic bags. Carry your own cloth bag or jute bag.
9) Separate waste in to bio-degradable and non-bio degradable.
10) Eat locally grown food and avoid pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
11) A dripping tap should be avoided. Turn off the tap while cleaning the mouth.
12) Always use the correct size saucepan when heating water in cooking.
13) Collect the water you use for rinsing fruits/vegetables &then use it to water plants
14) Upgrade older toilet with water efficient models.


1) Use printers that can print on both the sides of the paper.
2) Always buy recycled paper for your stationery.
3) Switch off computer monitors, printers & other equipment at the end of each day.
4) Send E-greetings instead of paper cards.
5) Switch off lights in empty rooms and only use required light preferably solar light.
6) Ensure in built energy saving software is activated.