Carbon Credit Course contents carbon credit Level 1

1. Introduction to Carbon Credit

a. Historical Background
b. Climate change
c. Global warming
d. Mitigating Global Warming
e. Kyoto protocol
f. Bali Meet-2007
g. Post Kyoto 2012 and beyond

2. Market Analysis

a. Target Market Segment Strategy
b. Market Trends
c. Market Needs
d. Market Growth
e. The Carbon Trading business
f. Business Participant
g. Competition and Services Partners
h. Main Competitors

3. Strategy and Implementation

a. Value Proposition
b. Competitive Edge
c. Positioning Statement
d. Pricing Strategy
e. Promotion Strategy
f. Marketing Program
g. Business Development Strategy
h. Strategic Alliances
i. Milestones

4. Services

a. Service Description
b. Competitive Comparison
c. Fulfillment
d. Technology
e. Future services

5. Company Formation

a. Company Ownership
b. Start-up Investment
c. Company Location

6. Management

a. Management Team size
b. Organization Structure

7. Keys to Success

a. Summary
b. Further reading and References
c. Useful Links

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