i.) AIR QUALITY DURING BEIJING OLYMPIC GAMES, 2008 As per press release, Beijing, China is taking unprecedented measuresfor Air Quality Measurement and analysis. For the first time IOC, along with Organising Committee is analysing data and undertakingextensive measures to assess general standards of health. This is reflective of a general increase in worldwide awareness of environmental issues. The data will BE much more useful even beyond the games. In keeping with international standards,air quality in Beijing ismeasured using WHO's 2005 interim target standards. It is reported that on August 1, 2008, Particulate mattermeasures in Beijing were lower than New York City on same day.
ii.) BUSINESS IN THE WORLD OF WATER WBCSD, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Switzerland, has published an interesting report: "Business in theworld of water, H2O Scenarios", out lining Business opportunities in Water & SustainableDevelopment field. The report can be downloaded from their website www.wbcsd.org

iii.) NEW ENVIRONMENT INFORMATION PORTAL Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) along with The National Knowledge Commission have launched a web site to provide entire data base of India in the area of Environment at one place. The site www.indiaenvironmentportal.org.in has about 300,000 articles on Environmental issues. The services are proposed to be made available in regional languages also, so the awareness spreads to much wider reach about the burning issues being faced by India and mankind at large.

Contributed by: H K Prabhakar