The power crisis in the country is reflected in the MAIT-Emerson Network Power (India) study on network Power Downtime, which reveals that India Inc could be losing over Rs. 22,000 crore in direct looses, due to poor power quality and operating

environment-related downtime – estimated to be around 202 pre cent of the gross output o the total industrial and service sector. With energy costs skyrocketing and the threat of global warming, organizations are being forced to take a look at their ecological impact. And companies and their clients are both realizing the benefits of utilizing products that can reduce their energy consumption.recognising that data centers can be one of the biggest energy guzzlers, IBM’s Project

Green institutive has se itself the target of accelerating green technologies to address the IT energy woes o its clients, investing $1 billion each year under this initiative. It is also looking at saving more than 5 billion KW o energy and reducing the energy costs of its own data centers in the next three years. Since one data centre uses energy consumed by 2000 homes, adopting such technologies can cut a typical data centre cost by half. Based on the ‘Catch them young’ principle, their Art o Simplicity programme is meant to imbibe strong values related to energy conservation in school children. Through this, children can take the message of energy conservation back to their homes. The programme also includes specially designed competitions for students to make them understand energy management and energy efficient lighting and its importance in today’s environment.”

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