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Rising Sea levels

The rise of temperature, even to a few degrees, could lead to the melting of ice shelves that hold back glaciers. This results in rising sea levels. The Larsen area of North Antarctic, South of Chili and Argentina have lost more than 5,200 sq miles of area.

The Effects of Global Warming on Land animals

Global warming can disrupt the migration, hibernation and reproductive cycles of certain types of animals. Plants and animals will find it hard to escape or adjust to the effects of warming because humans occupy so much land. Farmland or cities interrupt the movement of species between habitats.

Health & Global Warming

Extreme temperatures can directly cause the loss of life (ex: 35,000 people died during heat wave in Europe, Aug‘03.)
Warmer weather provides an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes. Diseases such as West Nile will be more common.

Health & Global Warming

High temperature can increase pollution of water and air, which harms the human body.

Tropical Diseases

Global Warming increases drought which lessens the supply of clean drinking water.

It increases temperature providing an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes.


The atmosphere’s ultimate fate is unclear.
More evaporation ? increase in cloud cover

How High Will the Clouds Be? It makes a difference!