>> Global Warming and global warming effect

Solar radiation from the Sun reaches the Earth’s atmosphere The surface of the Earth absorbs most of the short-rayed insolation and later releases this heat in the form of infrared radiation into the atmosphere. Some of the heat is absorbed by particles known as “greenhouse gases.” The heat retained by the gases acts as a “heat blanket.”

Science global warming

Burning of fossil fuels

The burning of fossil fuels releases Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In the past 150 years, burning fossil fuels has caused a 25 % increase in Carbon dioxide emissions.

Burning of fossil fuels

In the last 200 years:

The Ties Between Sardines & Global Warming

The over-hunting of sardines has caused higher levels of phytoplankton in the ocean.While living, phytoplankton release oxygen into the atmosphere and use Carbon for photosynthesis
When they die, their decay releases large amounts of methane and the poisonous gas, hydrogen sulfide. It also uses large amounts of oxygen.

Sardines & Global Warming

Methane is 21 times more effective than carbon dioxide in maintaining heat in the atmosphere. This results in the deaths of numerous marine animals.

Effects of global warming

More carbon dioxide increase in plant growth. The increase in temperature rise in sea level from melting glaciers and polar ice caps (adds 0.2 mm annually)Rising temperatures will also cause drier conditions in many important agricultural regions.



Change in temperature and elevated sea level cause loss of algae in the coral. Coral appears white, or “bleached.” Result is mass death of sea animals, which are dependent on the coral reef. The penguin population near Antarctica has been declining as the distance between them and their food has increased.


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