You have lived upon planet earth for a long time, without actually paying anything for it. A few ways o paying back your planet in its own currency…

The problems that we face

One of the major problems that we face is that we fail to give back what we take from nature. With the population boom that the recent times has seen, a lot of natural resources have been utilized without care being actually taken to maintain balance with nature.

While a few of these natural resources can be replaced by nature over time, most of these actually take millions of years to reform. Among them, natural gases and fuel like, petroleum are finally starting to run low, considering they take millions of years to form. Pollution also forms a very real issue in the perspective of the problems that mankind is creating for the planet.

Global Warming – A Very Real Warming

Global warming has become a stark reality in the last few decades. I care is not taken to control it soon, it may have effects which might become impossible to reverse. Global warming can be roughly defined as the rise of temperature across the planet at an alarming rate. This rise in average temperature is causing the ice caps to melt. The effects of this change would be a rise in sea levels and the submerging of coastal areas, and the migration of those people into inland areas.

The Way Ahead
The global leaders of the world area finally standing up and are implementing ways and methods to contain the damage that has already been caused to the planet. By following simple steps, one can actually make a difference to the planet that we have been living on since such a long time. It’s high time that we gave back at least a part of what we took from the planet.