A FAQ about Green corporate mantra

1. Corporates and the government are joining hands to save the environment. Your views on it?

Sustainable development has to be managed by the government and corporate alike and their efforts should complement each other to build a better future together. Sustainable development has to be embedded into the corporate DNA of Indian companies. Corporates need to be transformational, and think of new way to create opportunities for sustainable development. Corporate need to not only talk green, but actually be green and should make efforts in reducing carbon footprints. Tomorrow may come every day, but the cumulative effects of inaction or of evolved action should be avoided.

2. Environment awareness not only saves cost, but is also a lucrative business option? What is your take on this?

Climate change is a business risk and it is imperative that organizations take bold initiatives on behalf of their stakeholders and the industry. The World over consumers and businesses are getting greener in their ways and most businesses are pledging to trade only with organizations who have a robust green agenda. Green is now an embedded mantra.

3. What are various eco-friendly initiatives that you have taken up and how successful have they been?

Companies are committed not just to being a responsible business, but also to operating in the best interests of its stakeholders and society at large. We are constantly looking at the impact of our core business activities across the spectrum of social, environmental and economic issues. Our approach is one of continual improvement, combining traditional CSR activities with innovations designed to benefit society and environment.

4. What is your take on the role of corporate in saving environment?

Corporate India can indeed play an important role in saying the environment. Businesses can only survive and grow if the environment in which is operates and the natural resources which it uses are there. It is crucial for the corporate to avoid any negative impact on the environment y deploying various climate-friendly initiatives like reducing energy consumption, managing water consumption by initiating rain water harvesting and reducing waste material wherever possible.

5. Eco-friendly initiatives save costs and help on earn money and are a way of life. Do you agree?

I totally agree to that. In fact, I do believe that the next wave of innovation, which we will see worldwide, is going to be ET (energy technologies). This will parallel the success of the IT wave. Solar, wind and a number of renewable energy sources will drive the economic engines globally.