Earth Day

The failure at Denmark may lead to success at Mexico only if political world understands that the world cannot wait for a climate deal as the cost of inaction will harm rich and poor world alike. Katrina , Tsunami and now Laila would make the world leaders to give
a rethink on entire emission strategy. As global warming clock ticks, now the world should take a pledge on Earth Day to create a feasible emission market magic as it is the time to act is now or never.
Historically if it is seen since 18th Century, UK and since 19th Century , USA are the highest emitter as they were the first to get industrialized. Conversely, India and China is emitting around
7.6% and 2.2% respectively which is far below to industrialized nations.An American
emits 20 tonnes Carbon Dioxide each year while an average Indian emits 1.1 tonnes while the world average is about 7 tonnes. If India is allowed to increase the safe zone to 4 tonnes Carbon di oxide per person, it would still give India pursuing policies of development and economic growth. This means India is willing to negotiate on the basis of Equal per capita emission.
The resource transfer can occur through the creation of global carbon market and the assetisation of the global atmospheric commons coupled an equitable distribution of these assets. Any country looking for higher per capital levels
than the safe zone would have to buy this right. India in such a case will not need grant
but this transfer of wealth will allow to spend on financing clean energy . Hence the countries can prosper and create betterment when global warming is rising.
Hence the best option for world is to pledge on Earth Day is
to bring consensus on per capita emission cap based on population.