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Green peace foundation is working globally on various issues pertaining to environment. A study conducted by them has brought a revelation that practices of global computer companies are most likely going to make India a dump yard. There is no provision to recycle e waste generated in all the computers used in India by these MNC companies in India. In European Union there are laws to regulate e waste management which are currently absent in India. Global brands have no priority in India to recycle wastes. Only ACER and Indian brands like WIPRO & HCL fulfill take back services in India for the e wastes. Currently 1040 tones of E wastes was generated in 2007 per day from discarded computers, mobiles and televisions. There is a need to have a separate law for recycling wastes. According to Green peace, it becomes a toxic waste which is subject to environmental hazards and health risks.
The study suggests that 50000 tones of e waste are imported from the developed Countries as charity for reuse which lands in informal recycling either immediately Or once the reused product is discarded.

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