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India is hosting Commonwealth Games in 2010. The games are scheduled to be held in New Delhi from 3-14 October, 2010 at various stadia being readied for the purpose.
During Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006, India earned 4th position with a total of 50 medals (22 Gold, 17 Silver and 11 Bronze). In 2010, Being the host country, India expects much better medals tally, as the players will be performing on home ground. But along with the laurels and medals, these games will bring in much more: rewards, business as well as troubles.
The games are expected to attract approximately 5000 players, 3000 team and technical officials, 3000 VIPs, 3400 media persons, 6000 service providers and 15000 volunteers.
They will be welcome, but will pump in about 400,000 tonnes
of additional carbon dioxide(Co2). These figures are very approximate, and detailed calculations are required to make full assessment. However these are sufficient to alarm us to do something about these extra emissions, which will be dumped in the already strained climate of Delhi.
These will be from construction activities of venues and other facilities, electricity consumption, transport, both public and private, and waste generation etc. We have to adopt measures to ensure least carbon emissions from all activities, as well as for offsetting GHG's. Australia is hosting 2010 Olympic and Paralympic winter games in Vancouver. They are aiming to have 'a zero net emissions games.' (Ref: 'Meeting the Challenge, A Carbon Neutral 2010 Winter Games' A discussion paper by David Suzuki Foundation) International Olympic Committee has issued detailed guidelines for conducting games to safeguard environment ( Ref: Manual on sports and environment, Agenda21, and IOC Guide on sport, environment and sustainable development, June, 2006) It is high time India also comes up with proposals to safeguard the environment during very large and international sports. It will give much more credibility and support to its claims to act as host of major international games.

Articles submitted by H K Prabhakar

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