The Indian clean tech sector is emerging as new segment with bagful of job opportunities. The growth of this Greenfield industry is creating demand for scientists, engineers, lawyers, business graduates and entrepreneurs.

Since the emerging companies in the sector are flush with funds and have the backing o venture capitalists and private equity funds, it enables them to offer good salaries and perks to the top talent, which can be at per with any other sector,” says Vision Global Investments managing partner Parth Gandhi. Vision Global has invested around $10 million in a number of clean technology companies including Reva Electric Car Company.
The sector is growing at around 100% a year and is set to grow even aster. While at the entry level, a fresh graduate can get anywhere between Rs. 2-3Lakh per annum, the mid-level managers, with an MBA and engineering degree can take home an average of Rs. 9-12 Lakh as well.
The management and legal consultants, who are helping new companies to set up operations can earn anywhere between Rs. 20-30 Lakh.

Venture capitalists and private equity funds have invested over $430 million in clean tech companies since -2001 in India. Half of these deals have happened in the last one year alone. According to an industry report, investors committed $ 29 million in 2007, compared to $ 14 million in 2006.
Clean technologies typically comprises of energy generation, water preservation, or manufacturing and agricultural technology that helps keeps the environment clean. It aims to produce less toxic emissions and reduce waste. It also includes recycling, water purification, sewage treatment, fuel gas treatment, solid waste management and renewable energy.




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