clean development mechanism – A boon to CA profession

II Kyoto Approvals

a) CDM Documentation (PIN and PDD) and Methodology      development
b) Validation by DOE/and Endorsement by DNA
c) Registration with UNFCCC
d) Generation of carbon credits
e) Verification/certification by DOE
f) UNFCCC/EB Issues CERs.

III CER Transaction

a. CDM Project Promoter.
c. Buyer of CER

PIN : Project Identification Note
PDD : Project Design Document.
ERPA: Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement.
DOE: Designated Operational Entity.
DNA: Designated National Authority.

3. CA can help to adopt the green business by creating sustainable business practice: By measuring bottom line returns by reducing wastage and lowering the cost of energy consumption. The secret behind any successful company depends on both creating shareholder value and operating responsibly. Today, the competitive advantage of any business organization is directly linked to its efficiency in terms of consumption of limited resources, less pollution and higher quality products. Going forward, the purpose of any business should be to adopt sustainable practices more than generating short-term shareholder value. These practices include building trust among the public and maintaining a healthy environment in which to do business.

A C.A. can advised business in following green areas which will lead to:

a) Cost savings: Implementing the program’s waste reduction and energy conservation measures can save money.
b) Market exposure: The Green Business Partnership will be promoted through a marketing plan that includes advertisements and news releases in the local media.
c) Increased sales: Businesses with green ethics can use this distinction to achieve a marketing edge over the competition b offering customers more environmentally-sound alternatives.
d) Green business partnership directory: Certified business will be listed in an online directory that will give consumers the opportunity to patronizes business, demonstrating there commitment to the environment
e) Healthy work environment: Implementing many of the program standards will create a safer, healthier working environment.
f) Increased productivity: Caring about employee well-being can improve morale and increase productivity.

3. Carbon credit trading is the new buzz word which allows trading in CER units generated over deferent stock exchanges in world like:

a. Chicago Climate Exchange USA.
b. Sydney Climate Exchange Australia.
c. MCDEX India
d. Singapore Climate Exchange Singapore

carbon credit India