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  1. The massive Arctic project is located 580 km north – east of Murmansk. The Shtokman field contains an estimated 3.8 trillion cubic meters of natural gas and 37million metric tones of gas condensate.
  2. The Sakhalin energy project in Russia’s frozen Far East side pushed past original cost estimates because of the sheer size and complexity of the scheme, coupled with the general price inflation in the global engineering and construction market.
    3. Front-end engineering and design (FEDD) studies has already begun which will pave the way for a final investment decision sometime in the latter half of 2009. Pipeline gas from the project could arrive in Europe as early as 2013, while liquefied natural gas (LNG) will follow a year later, Gazprom estimates, though analysts of the complexity of the venture.
  3. Russian gas giant Gazprom and its partners are moving ahead with plans to unlock the remote Shtokman gas field in the Arctic.
  4. The Norwegian company recently completed its first sale of LNG from the flagship project. It processes gas at the world’s most northerly LNG export terminal presently at Melk ? ya outside Hammerfest in Finnmark. The Sn ? hvit field is the first ever hydrocarbons development project in the Barents Sea.

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