Global Warming is rising everyday. Carbon emission is now becoming a concern. Carbon emission reduction is a need. Carbon emission reduction can be achieved through energy efficiency devices & renewable energy.
This carbon emission reduction portal aims to reduce carbon footprint by bringing awareness through carbon credit courses, International conferences, Symposium.
Ecodrive2 is an Indian registered trust dedicated to reduce global temperature by 2 C by finding suitable eco-ways to reduce green house gas impact in the ecology. Ecodrive2, through its dedicated website is offering a unique green certificate course, first time probably in India based upon practical experience and research which will make an individual employable in green jobs. These courses are very much relevant to academic and industry needs in today’s context. It is being guided by a panel of Industries expert, leading academicians and many renowned professionals. Assistance will be given in finding green jobs to an aspirant who will successfully complete all four levels ( level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4) of ecodrive2 Green Certificate courses. Download Free Prospectus for Level 1 carbon credit




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